Why Did Elon Musk Delay Tesla's Big New Reveal?

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At least we now have more time to speculate over what it could be, eh?

It's highly expected that the biggest news this week will involve whatever the car that Tesla's set to reveal shortly ends up being. It's a slow time for automotive news, this owing to the fact that we're past all the major auto shows. But even if it weren't the announcement of a new car from Tesla would still make waves. We'll have to wait a little bit longer before what it is we're expecting to see is officially unveiled, though, as the event has been pushed back by a few days. The waiting is always the hardest part, right?

According to a tweet from Elon Musk, the new Tesla launch will be held later this week on October 19th, instead of the original and now-since-passed-at-time-of-writing October 17th date. The official word from Musk is that something related to this event needed "a few more days of refinement," though it's currently unclear what exactly needs more work done. Was the car unfinished? Have any technical issues been found? Is the planning schedule now changed? As with the Tesla car that's the center piece of this reveal event, it's unclear what's been going on, so all we can do is speculate, move on and jot the new date down in our diaries. Speaking of speculation, this now gives us another brief moment to guess at what this announcement could entail.

We know for certain it won't be related to solar panel technology, and the fact this unveiling is for a product means we're more persuaded a car will be the focal point of this event. A reveal of the rumored Model Y SUV sounds likely. Musk has stated in the past that this new model will be "unexpected by most," which perhaps indicates a baby version of the Model X won't be what's in store. Long story short, no one outside of Tesla really knows. Delays are never good as people are inherently impatient in today's day and age. Still, a few more days of waiting means a bigger crowd for Musk to captivate.

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