Why Did It Take So Long For This Footage From 2001's "The Fast And Furious" To Surface?

Better late than never.

Back in 2001, a movie called “The Fast and the Furious” hit the big screen and set in motion what’s gone on to become a multi-billion dollar blockbuster movie franchise. Some argue the original "Fast and Furious" is still the best of the seven movies (with more to come). But back when that movie was in production it starred a young Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and Jordana Brewster (who didn’t even have a driver’s license at the time).

Walker and Diesel were on the verge of stardom and this was the movie that gave them global recognition. But did you know the original working title for the movie was "Redline"? Yeah. Seriously. That’s just one of things you’ll learn after watching this never-before-seen footage from the 2001 blockbuster. Kind of hard to believe it’s taken this long for it to be discovered.

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