Why Did Jeremy Clarkson Blow Up His House?


We guess Clarkson just loves blowing stuff up.

According to a report by The Telegraph, Jeremy Clarkson just blew up his home in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Clarkson got permission to demolish his £4 million house in order to build a new one. Most people would hire a bulldozer to come knock down the old house, but Clarkson isn't most people. The former Top Gear host, in typical Clarkson fashion decided that an explosion would be superior. The neighbors were notified that the house would be destroyed using dynamite the night before the demolition. All that's left of Clarkson's house is a pile of rubble.

Clarkson is planning to build a 12,173 square foot, six-bedroom home which he says will be "a modest country house/gentrified farmhouse which gives the appearance of having grown over time." The house will feature a garden, basement movie theater, and a five-car garage. Clarkson has called his new home, "Diddly Squat Farm." The house was originally supposed to have a pool and a tennis court, but we suppose that even Clarkson has to tone things down a little bit. We really don't expect less from the man who was famous for doing silly things on television. Why demolish a house the normal way when you can make all of the neighbors angry?

Some of Clarkson's neighbors were interviewed about the incident. One person said "I got a letter through the door the night before saying it would be between 1 pm and 4 pm. They started blowing it up about 3.15 pm and finished around 4.10 pm." Another neighbor said that "there was a funeral being held at the village at 2.30 pm, which was still on when the explosions started." If Clarkson is this ridiculous in real life, we can't wait to see what he does on the Grand Tour.

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