Why Did Mercedes-AMG Partner Up With a Motorcycle Company?

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This isn't the first time a deal like this has happened.

A couple of years ago, Audi bought Italian motorcycle company Ducati, and many industry watchers were surprised. What interest did Audi, or any VW Group brand, have in motorcycles? It turns out VW was keen to get its hands on small but powerful gasoline engine technologies. The first result of this deal was the VW XL Sport concept, which debuted at Paris in September. And now word has come in that Mercedes-AMG and MV Agusta have agreed to a partnership.

Mercedes-AMG, once approved by the relevant authorities, will acquire a 25 percent stake in MV Agusta, and the two will also work together in marketing and sales. "In MV Agusta, we have found the perfect two-wheel partner for Mercedes-AMG," according to brand CEO Tobias Moers. This manufacturer with a long tradition and Mercedes-AMG are connected not only by a long and successful racing history, but also by shared values and goals for the future. The partnership provides us with an entry into a world of additional high-performance enthusiasts," Moers continued. It should be interesting to see where this will lead.

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