Why Did San Francisco Tell Pagani To Get Lost?


"The corporations are taking over, maaan!"

Pagani was recently snubbed by the city of San Francisco and is not too happy about it. The Italian automaker's cars are sold in the city and its US headquarters is there, but the latter might change. Its office is in the city's Mission district, an area where the popular perception is that rich techies are driving out low-income residents. As such Pagani wasn't viewed too highly, and when it applied for a permit in January to make $45,000 in changes to its office the city delayed the request.

The city's planning department was concerned about the automaker opening a dealership or showroom. Those fears proved to be unfounded as the location was a planned retail space, much like a Ferrari store (which the city has). William Collick, Pagani's North American sales director, sent a strongly worded email saying as much to a local blog. In it he talks about Pagani's plans to interact with the community (a crowdsourced mural), what the space would have been meant for and how silly it is to think a small retail space could actually house an entire car dealership with a full inventory of cars.

"It's quite a shame that in an attempt to make our brand / art accessible to everyone, SF planning could not see beyond the narrow scope of what they feel should occupy the space on an otherwise forgotten block of Valencia Street," wrote Collick. Missing out on anything Pagani sucks, but at least San Franciscans live a short drive away from a Koenigsegg dealership!

SS Customs & Richard Le Photography via Facebook
Source Credits: missionlocal.org

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