Why Did Someone Cover This Ferrari FXX In TAPE?

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The owner seriously couldn't afford a clear wrap?

The Ferrari FXX is a highly focused track car that was based on the incredible Enzo street car. Unlike the Enzo, the FXX wasn't street legal and you couldn't just purchase one through normal means. In fact, all of the 30 FXX buyers who paid $2,850,000 were only allowed to race it on Ferrari-approved tracks. Now that the 1,000-plus horsepower FXX K has replaced the FXX, Ferrari's contract with the owners is likely over and customers can bring the car wherever they please. This particular owner took his to the V-Max Stealth event for some drag racing.

This FXX has been modified with taillights under the exhaust and has somehow been made street legal. The car shows up covered in tape which we assume is to protect against stone chips. However, when you can afford an FXX we bet you can also afford an expensive clear wrap. Enjoy this oddly wrapped Ferrari and its beautiful 6.2-liter V12!

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