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Why Did Someone Put Flashers on a DeLorean?


We really don't have an answer.

The DeLorean has a huge fan club out there. Many are “Back to the Future” fans, while others just simply dig the stainless-steel gullwing 80s wonder created by a somewhat eccentric ex-GM vice president turned failed coke dealer. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Despite the DeLorean DMC-12’s short production life of barely three years, a total of just over 8,580 were built of which about 6,500 are believed to be on the road today.

And one of those is this: an early build car that’s been given a set of flashing cop car lights for apparently no good reason. A DeLorean is anything but a cop car because it’s slow, unintimidating, and lacks adequate trunk space for shot guns. The car is best left as a fun show piece, daily driver, or the occasional time machine.

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