Why Did This 2017 Ford GT Sell For $2.55 Million?

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What made it so special, really?

We're used to seeing various modern day supercars and other rare sports cars fall victim to dealership markups. And then there are some, not all, of those same cars that head to auction for charitable purposes. This 2017 Ford GT is one of them. Barrett-Jackson has just reported that it's been sold at its Scottsdale, Arizona event for $2.55 million – and Ford gave its full approval for such a big transaction. How come?


Because the GT was offered by well-known car collector Ron Pratte, with all proceeds being donated to The Autism Society of North Carolina's Ignite Program and the Autism Alliance of Michigan. This was the same auction event that saw two other high-profile auctions, the first 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Edition and the first 2018 Corvette ZR-1. They each sold for $300,000 and $925,000, respectively. But it was the Ford GT, not at all surprisingly, that sold for a lot more. As of this writing, we don't know who the new owner is, but obviously they're very well off. That or they did not manage to score a new Ford GT to begin with and were particularly desperate this time around. But honestly, we highly doubt that.

Sure they paid quite a bit more for the GT, but they also contributed to a couple of very worthy causes. As far we know, the car itself is entirely stock with the extremely are Liquid Blue exterior paint. Lastly, the sale came with something pretty darn cool: a trip to the Ford Performance Racing School GT Experience, complete with professional instruction.


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