Why Did This Drunk Moron Moon And Harass This Lamborghini Aventador?

This is the side of owning a supercar that no one likes.

While the majority of people have to dream about owning a supercar, some lucky enthusiasts get the opportunity to actually park one in their driveway. However, sometimes that dream becomes a nightmare! The owner of this custom Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Coupe found out exactly how crappy it can be to own a really nice supercar. The driver of the Aventador was waiting for people to cross the street when a drunk individual decided to harass the supercar owner by mooning him. The drunk idiot goes so far as to rub his butt on the vehicle.

Everyone wants to own a supercar, but not everyone gets to see the downsides of driving one. Did this Aventador owner deserve this harassment or was it uncalled for?

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