Why Did This Lamborghini Huracan Owner Turn His Car Into A Taxi?

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Although it's the first cab we'd hail.

We've seen plenty of pranks where Uber drivers who don't necessarily rely on the app to meet financial needs pick up passengers in flashy and expensive supercars. These unsuspecting customers have the time of their lives and are sure to give five star ratings after a trip like that. But now a company in the UK has petitioned the government to allow its Mantis Green Lamborghini Huracan to get a taxi license. Unfortunately this isn't the newest and most awesome rideshare startup (although seriously, someone please make this a thing).

Instead, it is a company called Special Wedding Cars that keeps double decker buses and London taxis for special events. Previously, its supercar in residence was a white 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo, but apparently SWC thought it was time for an upgrade. Usually, a business that hopes to use a car like this for rental purposes doesn't get a taxi license, but SWC applied to The Wolverhampton City Council for a taxi license and got its wish. With 573 horsepower coming from a 5.2-liter V10 that trumpets its presence with some gasoline-fueled anger, this taxi is sure to be the best ride anyone can hail. Hopefully SWC ends up using it the way Lamborghini intended it to be used.

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