Why Did This Man Intentionally Butcher A Classic Ferrari?

He either deserves respect or a fist to the face.

Ferrari fans agree on one fact of life: Ferraris are cars sent down from the heavens above. Cutting one up to create an Italian/American hot rod is like repainting the Mona Lisa with the face of Katy Perry and then spitting on DaVinci’s grave. This is exactly what a California man named Joe did when he took the body of a 1963 Ferrari GTE and created a bastardized Ferrari hotrod. The car has a GTE body, a Chevy engine, Mopar transmission, a nine-inch rear end from a Ford, and red paint supplied by Mitsubishi.

The GTE is a four-door version of the 250 GTO, a car held up as one of the Ferrari greats and also the most expensive car in the world. Do you think the car is an abomination or is it a respectable way to alter a Ferrari?

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