Why Did This New Corvette Z06's Engine Fail After Only 6 Miles?


The guy didn't even make it home from the dealership.

This isn't the first time we've heard of a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette suffering from a major mechanical issue. According to a report from Corvetteforum.com, the owner of this C7 Z06 suffered engine failure with just six miles on the odometer. Apparently its owner was driving it home from the dealer when a knocking sound began. And then bits of the LT4 V8 went everywhere. One of the photos you're looking at shows "the side of the engine block and the part of the piston that went through the block."

This particular Z06 was equipped with a manual gearbox and the Z07 performance package. We tried to find additional details about what happened and what the Chevy dealership is doing to correct the problem, but the forum's moderator closed the thread due to it getting off topic. Could a recall be in order here? So far no word from Chevy.


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