Why Did This Ultra-Rare Lamborghini Decide To Set Itself On Fire?

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We want to know, as does its owner.

What emotion would you use to describe watching your rare, $303,000 supercar burn to the ground? According to the owner of a now-charred 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT, "absolutely gutted" is how he describes witnessing such a sight. The Lambo barbecue occurred in Brentwood, Essex, in the UK. The owner, who was too embarrassed to give his name, said that the car is one of only 30 right-hand drive Diablo VT's ever built. This specific one was imported from New Zealand.

The now-devastated driver was rounding a corner in a residential neighborhood and driving carefully when, in typical Italian fashion, the Lambo decided that 8,000 miles was a long enough lifespan and set itself ablaze. Luckily, the owner was able to escape in time and called the fire department. He is still waiting for word from the insurance company on whether or not the car is a total write-off. The pictures show some nasty fire damage, but do you think its bad enough to write the Italian masterpiece off as a loss? Also, to make this whole thing hurt even more we have included photos of a Diablo VT Roadster in pristine condition. Burn baby burn.

Source Credits: www.mirror.co.uk

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