Why Didn't Dodge Go All-Out With Its SEMA Dart GLH Concept?

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GLH is from Carroll Shelby...so where's the power?

The name Carroll Shelby is most commonly associated with Ford and the Mustang. However, Shelby also put his magic touch on quite a few Dodges back in the day. He created the GLH badge and moniker, which stood for "Goes Like Hell." Both the Omni and Charger received GLH badges but it is the former that Dodge honored at SEMA with its Dart GLH Concept. The Dart has had a rough go of things since its inception but we have to admit this one-off looks pretty damn good.

It sports a Mopar Performance aluminum hood and parts from a Mopar body kit, including a front chin splitter, side sill accents and rear fascia diffuser. It comes in a menacing shade of black and is ringed with red accents, which Dodge says is a throwback to the original Omni GLH. It sits on 18-inch Mopar wheels, has high-performance brakes and new exhaust tips. Inside there are Katzkin leather seats along with other Mopar goodies, including a shifter knob and pedal kit. Are you noticing one glaring omission? Mopar didn't tinker with the Dart's engine, which at its beefiest incarnation of 2.4-liters and four-cylinders only kicks out 184 horsepower.

To be fair the last Mopar Dart we saw didn't have a modified engine but if you're paying tribute to the GLH badge you might as well make some mods under the hood as well. SEMA is the perfect place for crazy and unrealistic horsepower which is why we're so confused with Mopar holding back here.

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