Why Didn't Mart McFly Have A DeLorean That Could Shoot Massive Flames?

Shooting fire is better than traveling in time. But that's just us.

The DeLorean DMC-12 is one of the most iconic cars ever. Of course it’s not iconic due to sales or anything like that, but rather because of its starring role in the Back to the Future series. However, the DeLorean in this video isn’t even close to what Marty McFly used to time travel. It’s been given a racing-focused makeover by the folks over at Putsch Racing. The result is a boxy 80s beauty with a throaty roar and a flame-shooting exhaust. Seriously, this thing spits fire like it’s going out of style.

DeLoreans aren't performance beasts when stock but put into the right hands and, well, you'll see.

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