Why Didn't The Ford Maverick Get The Infotainment It Deserved?

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Sketches reveal a much larger unit was under consideration.

Remember the Ford 427 Concept? Revealed in 2003, the sinister-looking luxury sedan astonished onlookers with its menacing demeanor and imposing style. Even more exciting was the powertrain; a massive 7.0-liter V10 sending power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

Sadly, it was never meant to be and the closest we got to the 427 came in the form of the rather dreary first-generation Ford Fusion. Automakers often tempt the automotive world with hugely exciting creations and design sketches that will never make it into production and, in some instances, it's understandable - some things are simply too expensive to build.

But there's something rather interesting about early Ford Maverick interior sketches. While the production model boasts a feature-rich eight-inch infotainment screen (which is impressive), early designs show a far bigger floating touchscreen.

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As seen in the first image below, initial sketches show a much larger center display devoid of any physical dials or buttons. It looks more premium and modern than the current infotainment system found in the production model and appears to be floating - much like older Mercedes-Benz and Audi models.

Other design sketches show a screen that's more in line with the Maverick's actual display, although the third example appears to be slimmer and wider - not all that different from the current F-150, which has a more traditional built-in setup. Maybe Ford will implement the floating screen in a future Maverick facelift, but we doubt it. If big changes are to be made, we're guessing it will draw inspiration from the portrait screen in the new Ranger.

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While the proposed design admittedly looks better, we can live with the Maverick's current setup. Base models make do without Ford's Sync 3 software but do, at least, receive Connected Touch Radio. This means that even the cheapest trim levels receive Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, as well as 911 Assist.

Better equipped models (such as the Lariat, for example) receive a more comprehensive suite of features, such as voice control for several functions. Maverick buyers seem nonplussed by the smaller infotainment screen; Ford can't keep up with demand for the small truck.

Let's not forget that, last year, the Blue Oval signed a deal that will see Google supply systems with built-in apps and services. We should expect the new software to be introduced in 2023. It would be the perfect opportunity for Ford to update the Maverick.

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