Why Do Mustangs Always Seem To Crash At Cars & Coffee Events?

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Here's our in-depth investigation into the phenomenon.

If you've ever been to a cars & coffee event then you know the best place to grab a photo or video is near the entrance. Most of these events have a single road used for entering and exiting. That road is usually lined by photographers looking to grab sweet shots of rare cars and videos of brutal exhaust notes. Unfortunately this road is often the site of accidents as gearheads look to show off for the assembled crowd. For some reason a lot of these accidents involve Ford Mustangs. Weird, right?

What could be the reason for this? Honestly, we have no idea. And to be fair it's not like only Mustang drivers wreck at these events. We saw an M4 crash coming out of one and have seen Corvettes wreck as well. But Mustang crashes seem to happen more frequently. Commenter Justin Price suggested the problem could be with the cars' themselves. "Short wheel base, straight axle (usually open), poor weight distribution, poor hp/ltr (older stuff), poor brakes... but damn it they sure sound good." That combined with drivers eager to please an adoring crowd could be what causes all these wrecks. Or it could just be dumb drivers and luck. We've gathered a few of these videos in an attempt to crack the case.

This crash happened in the UK at a "Big Breakfast" event. Think of this as cars & crumpets. Our theory is that the driver slammed on the brakes to slow down. The sudden slowness was needed as a police van was approaching. Whatever the cause his Mustang ended up hugging a tree and a ton of photographers were on hand to document the scene.

The cause of this crash looks to be one upmanship gone wrong. At this cars & coffee in Chicago an Audi RS7 pulls out like a badass. Not to be upstaged, the Mustang GT behind it does the same, quickly losing control and smacking into another car.

If you want to practice drifting, the exit of a cars & coffee event is not the place to do it. This guy could have easily wiped out in the crowd, but luckily he just ran into a fire hydrant. According to commentators, his hooning-and the hooning of others-helped give Cars & Coffee Charlotte a black eye, although the event is still running.

On the Internet people always talk about instant justice, as in actions having immediate consequences. This is the definition of instant justice. The Mustang involved didn't get too torn up (the front bumper is askew) but this guy did get dangerously close to the crowd. Either that or the grass on the sidewalk is now the place to park.

So what have we learned from these videos? For starters, a ticket for speeding or reckless driving is better than crashing into another car or potentially the crowd. Cars & Coffee events are usually filled with cops looking to ticket knuckleheads for excessive displays of power. Still, it's better to get a point on your license than to slam on the brakes and crash. (After you wreck you'll probably get ticketed anyway.) Also, any displays of power should be done when stationary. Driving in a straight line isn't always the easiest thing to do after all. Finally, don't worry about looking cooler than the next car while entering and exiting. There will be plenty of time for automotive insecurities during the actual event.

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