Why Does Bentley Want People To Take The World's Most Expensive SUV Fly Fishing?

Because they can?

Bentley builds the world’s most expensive SUV, a veritable Taj Mahal on wheels that is more suited to high speeds on pavement than dusty dirt roads, yet it still encourages owners to take the Bentayga off the beaten path. First we saw a video demonstrating the vehicle’s ability to exist off-road and now there’s this: the Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner. As the name suggests it’s a fly fishing kit designed by the automaker’s in-house luxury customization arm. Needless to say you won’t find this in Bass Pro Shops.

Fly Fishing by Mulliner is hand-crafted out of wood and leather. The setup has three pieces: a master tackle station, wader-stowage trunk and refreshment case. The master tackle station comes with everything you’d need to spend a day fishing in a slow moving stream, including a fly-tying vice, hooks, feathers and a set of four machined-from-solid-aluminum reel cases. The wader-stowage trunk is lined with neoprene and to further ensure that no wetness creeps into the back of the Bentayga an electronic dehumidifier has been subtly slipped into the rear. The refreshment case comes with three flasks, Mulliner fine-china tableware and can also double as an extra seat. Those four tubes trimmed in saddle leather hold—you guessed it—fishing rods.

Should you decide to store actual cargo in the back and not fly fishing equipment the entire setup can be removed. That’s practical as we doubt a Bentayga owner will spend each and every day fly fishing. Prove us wrong, Bentayga owners. In a move that will shock no one Bentley hasn’t revealed the price of its Bentayga fly fishing kit. As with all things Bentley if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it. Regardless, though, we’d still love to see just what price tag is attached to a fly fishing kit made out of saddle leather and featuring a Burr walnut veneered master tackle unit.

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