Why Does Ferrari Want You To Pay $100,000 Extra For Options On a $250,000 Car?


Doesn't charging so much extra seem a bit excessive?

Options are a very interesting topic even on boring cars. With the right options ticked off, even the most basic car can be transformed into something worthwhile. But what happens when a car is already quite spectacular? This is definitely the case with the Ferrari 488 GTB. This car has a base MSRP of $245,000. That isn't what we would call affordable. However, for that price you would expect to be able to walk out of the dealership without spending too much extra right? It is a Ferrari after all, isn't it already special?

When Matt Farah received a 488 as a test car, he preformed one of his classic one take reviews. In the video he states that the car he was testing was around $270,000. Boy was he wrong. In a moment that is quite rare for Farah, he records a clip to address his mistake.

Farah explains that although the Ferrari 488 starts at $245,000, and the way he would order it would cost around $270,000, the example that he was sent actually cost an insane $347,000. Why on Earth would such an already expensive car have over $100,000 worth of options on it? You can go on Ferrari's website and configure your perfect 488 or 488 Spider, but unfortunately these configurators do not give you the final price of your vehicle. Some of these options are completely insane, and we have talked about which ones are actually worth it before. Farah's test car had almost $75,000 worth of cosmetic carbon fiber throughout. That's more than a brand-new BMW M3 just in carbon fiber.

The test car also looked to be painted in Rosso Corsa, when it was actually painted in Rosso Corsa Metallic, a $12,000 option. The 488 has so many options that can quickly inflate the price. You can order so many different pieces in carbon fiber such as the front wing, engine cover, underdoor cover, exterior kick sill, central tunnel, steering wheel insert, and even the hubcaps. Ordering every single carbon fiber options seems completely unnecessary unless you just want to brag to you friends about how much your car costs. There are far cheaper cars, like the Shelby GT350 that comes with carbon fiber wheels. Why is Ferrari allowed to charge so much for carbon fiber when the car already costs so much?


Its not like the 488 comes with everything as standard for its base price of $245,000. Ferrari makes you pay extra for things like parking cameras, Ferrari shields, colored brake calipers, and "better" seats. It's a Ferrari, why shouldn't the base seats be everything you could every hope for? Perhaps we are asking for a bit too much because, like it or not, Ferrari is a car company like any other. We may be a bit naive to think that $245,000 car should already come pretty nicely equipped, but we guess if the 3.9-liter 661-horsepower V8 doesn't make you happy already, maybe there is just no pleasing you. If you do have the money to buy a 488, don't waste your time optioning it up. Just get a few, tasteful options.


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