Why Does The Acura NSX Cost Almost $500,000 In China?


The NSX costs an arm and a leg in China thanks to tariffs, taxes and good old fashioned greed.

The Acura NSX has been on sale in the US for the better part of 2016. The hybrid supercar has an asking price of $156,000. When you start adding options that number jumps, but it’s still not nearly as eye-searing as the $415,000 the supercar is selling for in China. Car News China reports that the NSX just made its Chinese debut and was announced with a sticker price of 2.89 million yuan. When converted into good old fashioned USD that comes out to $415,857. So just what does all this extra cash buy you?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. The NSX is so expensive to buy in China partly thanks to tariffs on foreign cars and a gas guzzler tax. Car News China says the tariff is 25% and the consumption tax is an additional 25%. Fortunately for Chinese gearheads the NSX isn’t subject to the government’s new 10% tax on vehicles priced at over 1.3 million yuan ($187,000). Even when you include the cost of doing business in China Honda still stands to make a ton from each NSX sale. It’s the same story around the world. In Japan the NSX costs a hundred grand more than in the US. Australians almost have to pay as much as the Chinese. That is if there are any for wealthy Chinese enthusiasts to purchase.

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Demand could easily outstrip availability. Only one factory in the world produces the supercar after all, and it has struggled to meet pre-production delivery estimates. China’s economy may be slowing down but its citizens still have cash to burn and love four-wheeled status symbols.