Why Does The Acura NSX Cost Twice As Much In Australia?

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This why you can't have nice things, Australia.

So we know that the Acura NSX (sorry, Honda NSX for you Australians) is a great car and that it looks absolutely stunning in bare carbon. What we also know, however, is that it is ridiculously expensive. In fact, the NSX proudly holds the title as the most expensive car produced on US shores. But surely the car will be cheaper in other countries, right? Well, not exactly. The starting price for the NSX in Australia has been released and, well, it isn't pretty. How not pretty? Try $420,000 AUD, or $316,581 USD. Yeah, that's pretty...ugly!

That's the starting price for the Honda-badged NSX in Australia. But remember that there are options to be purchased. When we customized an NSX here in the States the price ballooned to well over $200,000, this from a starting point of $156,000. We expect a similar scenario to play out in Australia as people add options during the ordering process. As of right now Honda is only accepting pre-orders for the NSX from one of the five dealers that will be offering the car for sale. While the price may scare some mere mortals away, the reaction to it seems to be positive, with many eager customers inquiring about how they can apply to order their very own example of the hybrid supercar.

Stephen Collins, Honda Australia's director, describes it as the "first hybrid supercar on Australian roads" and is quick to point out that NSX will come equipped with standard features such as a carbon fiber interior and exterior package. Carbon ceramic brakes are also standard. With such a high starting price it will be interesting to see just how well the NSX does in the Australian market. Needless to say we'll be playing close attention to the car's sales numbers Down Under.

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