Why Does this 458 Spider Cost $460k?

Some unique Ferraris eventually become highly prized collectibles. The question is whether this green 458 Spider will be one of them.

A brand-new Ferrari 458 Spider carries a base price of just over $260,000. Definitely not cheap but when considering that gets you a 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 that pumps out 562 beautiful Italian horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque, that price tag suddenly seems justified. However, the Ferrari dealer selling this slightly used 458 Spider wants $459,900 for it. We know that sounds like downright BS, but here’s the kicker: there’s no other 458 Spider like this in the US (there’s another one overseas) because of its Verde Kers-Lucido exterior paint.

This is the same green paint job applied to the Hy-Kers 599 hybrid test car shown at Geneva in 2010. But back to this 458, whose original owner racked up just 967 miles before selling it back to Ferrari of New England, the very same dealership he bought it from. It comes with tons of extras as well as some custom interior stitching, but does that, along with the Verde green paint job, make this slightly used 458 Spider worthy of such a price tag?

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