Why Drive A New McLaren 650S When A Used 12C Is One Hundred Grand Cheaper?

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Depreciation hit these things hard.

The McLaren 650S is without a doubt one of the most impressive supercars on the market. However, it was not too long ago that we said the same thing about the McLaren 12C. The 650S was a big improvement over the original, but many people couldn't help but think that the car was just a facelifted 12C. Without debating how much different the 650S is mechanically, the 12C is definitely the more affordable car. Used prices of 12Cs have started to drop so much that a new 650S seems like a waste of money.

If you know someone at McLaren, you might be able to get a new 650S for the base $265,500 price. Although, look through the list of new McLarens for sale, and you will see most of them listed well in the $300,000 range. The 650S has seen its fair share of depreciation as well, with used prices falling into the mid to low $200,000 range. However, no 650S can really compete with the 12C on price. A quick search online will find you a used 2012 or 2013 12C for around $160,000. These aren't beat up, high mileage cars either. We even found one with only 2,500 miles on the odometer. Do some real digging, and we hear that you can find one of these cars as low as $140,000. While this isn't exactly affordable, it is around 911 money.

We know that the 650S is more powerful than the 12C and features various other improvements. Although, various upgrades from McLaren brought the 12C's horsepower up to 616 compared to the 650S's 641 hp. This power difference could easily be made up with a simple tune to the 12C. The 650S does look better, in our opinion, but do the good looks really amount to a six figure price difference? If you're in the market for a new supercar, but want to get the best deal, you might want to think about a used McLaren 12C.

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