Why Drive In Real Life When Virtual Reality Racing Looks So Damn Good?

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Just don't crash, or do. No one will be there to judge.

The problem with some of the rarest and fastest cars on Earth is that it takes so much effort just to get behind the wheel of one. One must either have near limitless funds or insane racing skills to get behind the wheel. Even meeting one of these criteria isn't necessarily enough because those with pure talent and small bank accounts must drive whatever car a racing team gives them and those with more money than skill can drive anything but can't get the full experience. Video games are a great way around these problems but they only go so far.

Virtual reality should help solve this by giving everyone a chance to "drive" their favorite car creations and hone their skills without the risk of crashing and dying or worse, ending up ridiculed on the Internet. To see what we mean check out this video.

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