Why Ford MUST Build A Maverick Raptor

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Simply put: it would sell like crazy.

Ford has enjoyed immense success with the Raptor. After the Ford F-150 Raptor first debuted as a Baja-racer-inspired full-size truck that could tackle the desert at speed, the world was enamored. We're now into the third generation of the F-150 Raptor, while elsewhere in the world the Ranger Raptor runs rampant in the midsize segment.

Thus far, the F-150 and Ranger have been the only models to get the Raptor treatment. The Ford Bronco might yet get it, although this model may or may not be called the Warthog, depending on which rumors you believe. But if Ford is serious about retaining the Raptor badge for pickups only, then there's a perfect new candidate for the treatment… the all-new Ford Maverick.

Forward View Ford
Aft View Ford

Now Ford hasn't confirmed whether such a model is in the works or not, but if it were to come to fruition, we think we have a pretty good idea of how it might look. We previously imagined what it might look like, but after the model's official unveiling, we can get an even clearer picture.

Beefier tires, a thick front skidplate, raised suspension, and a bold, Raptor-specific grille are to be expected, but other subtle Raptor signatures also look remarkably good on the Maverick. Have you ever noticed how all Raptors have a signature concave element surrounding the headlights? Well it's this and other elements we added to the Maverick you see above, and we feel the concept could be a viable one for investigation.

Forward Vision Ford
Driving Back View Ford
Rear Perspective Driving Ford
Dashboard Ford

It's worth noting that the Maverick is a small unibody pickup, in much the same vein as the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Naturally, this limits its ability to go hooning across the desert, which would make a Maverick Raptor a little different to other vehicles with the Raptor nomenclature. In all likelihood, if one were to be created, it'd be more of a rally-focused pickup. Extra suspension travel and Fox racing shocks would naturally play a part, as would an increase in power. The standard Maverick is powered by a hybridized 2.5-liter engine with 191 horsepower or a 250-hp EcoBoost four-cylinder. But we believe Ford could just as easily drop in the 2.3L EcoBoost motor from the Ford Mustang, which puts out as much as 330 hp.

We're not saying it's definitely going to happen, but if it did, it'd almost certainly force Hyundai to contemplate the Santa Cruz N we recently envisioned.

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