Why Has $50K Batman Tumbler Golf Kart Tripled in Price in Five Months?

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Now that's some serious inflation.

There can't be two of these things, so we have to assume this Batman Tumbler golf cart, currently on sale with Miami's Prestige Imports for just under $50,000, is the same one that sold for $17,500 at the end of last year. We're not sure why the price has almost tripled, but if we were ever interested in having a round of golf this would be our cart of choice.

It features quad rear tires as per the full-size Tumbler, a faux turbo exhaust, custom hand crafted black paneling, 28-inch Super Swamper tires, and a secret kill switch that acts as an anti-theft device. Inside, golfers can relax in adjustable leather seats and keep things moving on the golf course with a loud-sounding horn. The thing is, you can get a brand new BMW 5 Series for that much money. So this is strictly for those of the more-money-than-sense variety.

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Source Credits: www.prestigeimports.com

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