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Why Has South Korea Banned 20,000 BMWs From Its Streets?

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This has really become a "hot" button issue.

When it comes to new car features, not catching on fire is something that should come standard on all models. Unfortunately, BMW Group has had some issues recently with BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce models all being recalled over potential engine fires caused by a malfunctioning water pump. The company had a similar issue back in 2016, then again in 2017 when over one million cars were recalled. According to Automotive News Europe, BMW has been having more issues with 27 engines catching fire, this time in South Korea.

The cause of the fire was investigated and 13 owners filed a class action lawsuit against BMW. The issue prompted a probe from the South Korean government and Automotive News Europe now reports that the country will ban approximately 20,000 BMW cars from its streets. BMW has issued an apology and a recall of 106,000 diesel-powered cars including the 520d starting on August 20th. The South Korean government is taking the issue very seriously and has asked owners not to drive their cars.

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"I am asking owners of the BMW cars subject to the recall to actively cooperate to prevent bigger accidents, despite your inconvenience," Transport Minister Kim Hyun-mee said in a press conference. The cars can still be driven to perform safety checks, as the ban is meant to help speed up the checks rather than act as a punishment to owners. The issue has already been pinpointed as a defect in the exhaust gas recirculation system, so it is only a matter of time before BMW issues recall notices to affected owners and fixes the problem.