Why In The World Does This Seller Think This Lexus LFA Is Worth $7 Million?

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That's nearly 15 times more than the original price.

The Lexus LFA is, arguably of course, one of the best supercars to come out of Japan in modern times. Thanks to its 4.8-liter V10 that puts out 560 hp, the LFA makes an incredible sound and can keep up with the best from Europe. However, at roughly $375,000, the LFA wasn't cheap. Interestingly, Lexus decided to make a more track-focused version of supercar in the form of the Nurburgring Edition that was more powerful and even more expensive. Now, someone is trying to sell one of these for $7 million.

For those keeping track, that's roughly 15 times more than the asking price for a brand new LFA Nurburgring Edition. While it undoubtedly has a lot of goodies over the base supercar, this one is also signed by the CEO of Toyota Motor Company, Mr. Toyoda. But that doesn't make this car worth $7 million. Unfortunately, that signature doesn't even make this car worth $1 million. With only 50 models built, it's easy to see how Lexus asked $445,000 for the track-focused supercar. This one may only have 422 miles on the clock, but we don't think it's worth anywhere close to its asking price. Is it just us or is this seller crazy for asking this much money for the supercar?

Source Credits: suchen.mobile.de

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