Why Is BMW Now Delaying The Reveal Of The M Car We Want Most?

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We've been patient long enough.

There's been so much talk about this car that we just want it to be revealed already. For months it's been rumored that the BMW M2, successor to the famed 1 Series M Coupe, was due to arrive at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. And why wouldn't it? Frankfurt is the venue where German automakers bring out their very best. It's their home turf, after all. But according to a new report coming from BMW Blog, that M2 reveal has been delayed. How come?

According to the site's source, BMW wants to use Frankfurt to focus almost entirely on its all-new 7 Series flagship as well as the new X1. Both models are being counted on to be huge money makers. The M2, by contrast, is very much a niche model with limited appeal. But the smallest M car may turn out to be the greatest because of its size, lighter weight, track-tuned suspension, and an expected 365 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque. So when could that reveal ultimately happen? A source hinted to BMW Blog that it'll be the LA Auto Show in November.

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Source Credits: www.bmwblog.com

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