Why Is Canada Selling Hundreds Of Nearly New Chrysler 300s And Chevy Suburbans?


Hey, a good deal is a good deal anywhere.

It all began last summer when Canada hosted the G7 summit. The event was quite a big deal as Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the US all came together to talk business as the seven largest advanced economies on the planet. Canada realized additional transportation would be required, aside from the armored limousines reserved for the leaders. Lower level politicians, their staff and security also required wheels.

Autoweek has learned that Canada bought hundreds of new Chrysler 300 sedans and Chevrolet Suburbans SUVs specifically to transport officials around and once the summit concluded, there were hundreds of surplus vehicles left over. What to do with all of them? Sell 'em!

Right now you can buy a low-mileage 300 or Suburban at pretty decent prices, but all of them have one thing in common: all are painted black and have holes in the bumpers. They're all used, obviously, but only have two weeks' worth of mileage, around 1,000 miles. Lightly used, indeed. But why use the Chrysler 300, of all sedans. Perhaps because it's built in Ontario, Canada? Must be.

All are powered by the Pentastar V6 with 295 hp. What's interesting is that they can be bought individually or sold in batches of five. Each carries a starting price of around $25,343 Canadian, which is about $19,333 USD.

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All told there are 140 Chrysler 300s up for sale, 154 Chevy Suburbans, 109 Toyota Sienna minivans, and 28 Dodge Chargers. But what's up with those holes poked in the rear bumpers? Because all of these vehicles served in motorcades and the like they required flashing LED lights housed in the rear bumper. Canada spent a total of $23 million on the vehicles and, if possible, it'd like to recuperate some of that. The government, however, does plan on keeping 51 of the vehicles, according to the National Post.

If none of the above vehicles appeals to you, there also some Mitsubishi Outlanders, Ford Escapes, Nissan Rogues and Dodge Journey available for good prices. Those vehicles were purchased for administrative purposes. In case you're wondering, those LED lights have been removed and the holes have been plugged with black buttons. If you're interested, you can head to the Government of Canada website to do some car shopping.

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