Why Is Chris Brown's Latest Lamborghini Called "The Dark Knight"?

Hey, at least it's more discreet than his previous Lambos.

Afterstunning us with Lamborghini-slaughtering projects like the Tupaclyric-covered Gallardo and camouflage Aventador (which later went babyblue), recording artist Chris Brown has once again chosen a Lambo as hislatest ride. And as he is prone to do, he took his Aventador down to JCCustomz for a round of modifications in a project dubbed "TheDark Knight." We assume this nickname has something to do with the blackmatte finish, which should've made the car stealthier than the Batmobile.

But could scandal-ridden Brown really settle for stealthy, discreet andtoned down? As you can see, the project went a few stepts further, adding gloss blackMisha Designs front bumper, gloss black rear diffuser and bumper package, and animpressive aftermarket wing. But to really set it apart and kill any claim ofclandestine driving, the car was fitted with a set of shimmering 18k gold wheels. But delusionsof stealth and Bruce Wayne aside, is this a successful interpretation of the Aventador's slickdesign, or are these wheels just pure madness worthy of the Joker?

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