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Why Is FCA Sitting Out The Superbowl This Year?

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This will be the first time since 2009 FCA doesn't have an ad during the game.

While many football fans gear up to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, many casual fans sit through the game just to watch the commercials, which have become legendary over the past several years. Automakers use the Super Bowl as an opportunity to advertise their latest products and Fiat Chrysler is often in the forefront when it comes to memorable commercials. Previous FCA ads have featured celebrities such as Clint Eastwood and Eminem and the company purchased several advertisements two years ago to relaunch the entire Alfa Romeo brand in the United States.

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This year, however, FCA is sitting out of the Super Bowl for the first time since 2009. Instead, the company is taking an all-digital approach with a slew of Dodge, Jeep, and Ram commercials which have already been released on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In a press release, Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer of FCA said: "The teams that get to the Big Game do it by breaking through. By breaking out. By making big plays at the right time and taking calculated chances. We're no different. This year, we will exclusively use social and digital to showcase our commercials. We decided to explore innovative ways to ride the wave of highly engaged viewers, during the one time of the year when the commercials are fun and everybody is talking about them. With this new approach, we are able to engage with the audience through more creative executions than ever before leading up to this Sunday night. We feel like the football teams who must constantly change their strategy to make it to the Sunday night's match-up. But unlike them, we don't need to be in the Big Game to change the game."

Just 30 seconds of air time during the game is worth approximately $5 million and last year FCA ran five ads. By not running any commercials during the Super Bowl, the company is saving $25 million. Even though the Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events of the year and attracts an audience of over 100 million people, we don't blame FCA for wanting to sit out this year.