Why is Ferrari Fighting a 21-Year Old?

This used to be the company’s biggest fan, now he’s suing for $11 million.

While there is no doubt about the quality of Ferrari’s carsand the awesomeness of all of their models, the company itself has been getting into some uncomfortable and unnecessary situations as of late. While the MalaysiaAirlines victims hotel debacle seems to have been blown out of proportion, the Italian companyhas now found itself in a legal battle with a 21-year old Swiss guy named SammyWasem. The reason? Wasem loved Ferrari so much that he started a Facebook fanpage in honor of the company.

The page was started six years ago and has grown to becomeone of the most popular car pages on Facebook. However, aftercongratulating him back in 2009 when the page received 500,000 fans, Ferrari changed its mind and now claims that Wasem misused the company's trademark andintellectual property to advertise non-Ferrari merchandise. The company tookover the administration of the fan page, then gave Wasem some rights to manageit. When they backed out of that, Wasem filed a civil lawsuit claimingcompensation for at least 10 million Swiss francs ($11 million). Doesn'tlook like he’s much of a fan anymore, but if he wins – he may finally get the Ferrari he always wanted.

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