Why Is Hollywood Suddenly So Interested In Ferrari?

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Surprised it took this long.

A few months ago it was revealed that an Enzo Ferrari biopic was in the works, with none other than Robert De Niro attached to star as the Prancing Horse icon. Not long after that announcement, director Michael Mann revealed he's planning his own Ferrari movie that'll supposedly be based off Brock Yate's book Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races. And now, in an exclusive report from Car and Driver, a third Ferrari movie is in development, only this one has a script by Manish Pandey, the guy who wrote the amazing "Senna".

Unlike the De Niro film featuring an older Enzo, Pandey's script takes place in the 1950s during the era of Juan Manuel Fangio racing for Ferrari and when Enzo's beloved son, Dino, died at age 24. Obviously a younger actor would need to be cast, but Pandey won't let the film happen unless he receives the blessing of Piero Ferrari, Old Man Enzo's illegitimate son with his mistress, and who's now Vice Chairman of Ferrari. Ferrari the son has been sent the script and its cinematic future is in his hands. Pandey claims he heavily researched everything and interviewed several people from that era, including Sir Stirling Moss. Ferrari's long life story is simply too incredible for Hollywood to no longer ignore.

Source Credits: blog.caranddriver.com

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