Why Is Jaguar Dumping The V6?

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And what will be going in instead of it?

As it races to keep up with competition and comply with stricter worldwide fuel economy requirements, Jaguar will be bidding farewell to its 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that has powered such cars as the F-Type and XF. Instead, after 2016, the company will be replacing this engine with an Ingenium inline-six configuration, used in many of Jaguar Land Rover's models. According to Motor Trend, the straight six should be equipped with turbocharging and offer improved smoothness, more power and better efficiency.


Jaguar has employed inline-six engines in the past, and this change does not represent a complete departure from its historic heritage. Furthermore, it isn't the only luxury automaker making this change, with competitors like the upcoming Mercedes E-Class already confirmed to be moving back to inline configurations. With its move to global Ingenium engines, Jaguar Land Rover is also expected to be offering inline-three engines on models like the Evoque, Discovery Sport and Jaguar's upcoming F-Pace SUV. In the US, this engine may be introduced on a later version of the XE.

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