Why Is Lamborghini Testing A Porsche Taycan?

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Perhaps is has to do with electrically-powered Lambos?

We'll tell you right now this one is going to leave you with more questions than answers. We don't have any answers to speak of, but some of the goings-on at the Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese might offer some clues. Youtuber and car-spotter Varryx caught a glimpse of some curious stuff going down there.

He saw a Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo leaving the factory gates. Strangely, the boot was left open, and we're sure it wasn't for extra downforce at speed. Shortly after, it happened again when a red Lamborghini Urus left in a very similar state, with its boot hanging open.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

Once is a mildly funny accident, but twice? Something's up. Lamborghini has made it very clear that electrification is the way forward. We know that the next Aventador (or whatever it'll be called) is going to feature some kind of hybridization. Lamborghini has also said that a new fully-electric model will be showing up sometime in the back half of the decade. Perhaps that explains the Taycan's presence. After all, Lamborghini and Porsche both sit under the same Volkswagen umbrella.

We've seen stabs a hybridization before from Lambo, most notably in the form of the Asterion concept, which used a plug-in system and lithium batteries in addition to the brand's famed V10 engine. On the surface, that car is roughly the same size as a Taycan, so it's possible this is an early testing mule for Lambo's EV. For now, our money is still on a hybridized Urus showing up sometime next year.

Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube Varryx/YouTube

However, none of that explains the open trunks. Perhaps it was just two cars leaving and nothing more than coincidence. But good cops (journalists) don't believe in coincidence. Honestly, it's anyone's guess what's going on with the open trunks. Perhaps Lamborghini was testing some new software to notify drivers of an open trunk lid or a self-closing solution.

At any rate, this could very well be our first confirmation that Lamborghini is beginning development on a fully-electric model. Given the presence of the Urus, it could be an electrified version of that. But Lambo has let slip its working on a 2+2 GT car like the Asterion concept, which would fit better with the Taycan's presence in Sant'Agata. We'll just have to wait and see.

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