Why Is Lewis Hamilton Cruising Around With Justin Bieber In A LaFerrari?


Because he can do whatever the hell he wants, that's why.

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has an amazing car collection. He even has a custom Pagani 760 LH painted purple that was built specifically for him. Hamilton already owns one third of the hypercar holy trinity, a stunning blue McLaren P1. He can't post his supercar purchases because of contractual reasons, but thanks to YouTube channel effspot we now have video of him cruising in a new Ferrari LaFerrari. Hamilton was spotted leaving LA's BOA Steakhouse restaurant with Justin Bieber riding shotgun.

Yup, the famous Canadian singer was up front. Bieber posted a picture of himself with Hamilton's car on Instagram.

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The LaFerrari is a nice addition to Hamilton's collection. The Ferrari is finished in a unique dark red with matching diffuser. The black wheels are finished with a red lip and matching red accents in the interior. The funny thing is this LaFerrari was originally thought to be Bieber's, which would make sense since he has a ton of cash to blow. However, it makes more sense that it would be Hamilton's since he is a pro racing driver and all.