Why Is Mayweather's Enzo So Popular With These Billionaires?

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Floyd never expected these requests.

When Floyd Mayweather recently put his Ferrari Enzo up for sale it created a feeding frenzy amongst billionaire car buyers around the globe who are desperate to get their hands on the champ's car. Several of the ultra-wealthy car buyers are willing to pay the full asking price of $3.8 million for the boxer's Enzo, but are requesting extra perks that could sweeten the final deal. Some of the requests seem reasonable, others seem to be a little bizarre. However, it certainly does make sense that these buyers want to get the most for their money.

Although there is definitely an added novelty value involved with the Enzo being Mayweather's vehicle, the asking price of $3.8 million is expensive even for such a rare supercar. Some of the apparent bonuses that buyers have asked for range from a request for one-on-one time in the boxing ring, to requests for a private dinner with Mayweather, video shoots with Floyd and the Enzo and also a request for a family portrait with the champ. Although a deal is yet to be finalized, we look forward to finding out who the eventual buyer is and what the final terms of the agreement are.

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