2015 Shanghai Auto Show

Why Is Mini Bringing Ripped-Off Google Glass To Shanghai?

Spotting techbros on the road just got easier.

Someone needs to tell Mini that April Fools’ Day was lastweek. That’s the only explanation for these new augmented reality shades thatare set to debut at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. The specs are a bit likeGoogle Glass in that people will laugh and wonder why you’re wearing them. Inall seriousness, Mini worked with Qualcomm to develop the glasses, which doeverything from providing directions to displaying text messages. They are designed to increase functionality and display info without distracting the driver.

Mini's glasses are essentially a more advanced heads-updisplay for your face. In addition to showing you pertinent drivinginformation, such as speed, the glasses are hooked up to the car’s rear camerato assist with parking. They even offer pseudo x-ray powers, letting you see the A-pillars and doors, because everyone wants to see that stuff.While the technology certainly seems useful, wearables justdon’t work right now. Mini is better off creating custom apps orjust building a HUD system into the windshield. Subtly is key, and theseglasses are anything but inconspicuous.

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