Why is Opel Registering Nameplates in the US?

German carmaker registers Cascada and Calibra names with the US trademark office.

On December 18, Opel registered the names “Calibra” and “Cascada” with the US Patent and Trademark Office. While being a wholly-owned subsidiary of GM, the Opel brand isn't used in the US. So why is it registering names here? The most likely scenario is that by using Opel as the registrant, GM can hide its intention of using the names on upcoming Buick models. After all, Opel was reported to have registered the “Astra” name in the US prior to the Saturn Astra being rolled out.

GM CEO Dan Akerson has previously said he would like to bring the Opel Cascada statestide, and with the name now trademarked, a Buick-badged Cascada must be a distinct possibility. The Calibra name hasn't been used since the 1990s when it adorned the coupe variant of the Opel Vectra, which preceeded the Insignia. If Buick decides to chop the back doors off the Regal, then the Calibra would be an appropriate name. Of course, this could all amount to nothing, as trademarks are often registered to protect brands' intellectual property.

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