Why Is Porsche Updating Everything BUT The Panamera for 2016?


There's a silver lining.

The 2016 model year is going to be big forPorsche. The beloved Boxster Spyder is coming back strong with a 3.8-literflat-six that makes 375 horsepower and the same suspension from the new CaymanGT4. Speaking of the Cayman, we also know that it’sgoing up to 385 horsepower. Even the Cayenne is getting updated, mostnotably with a revised front fascia for the GTS and Turbo Models. By this point we also know that Porsche has obviouslynot neglected the 911.

For the 2016 model year, the introduction of the500 horsepower GT3 RS and the Targa 4 GTS have already caused quite a stir inthe automotive world.The German manufacturer has even given us ataste of what the 2017 911 (991) will be like at the Frankfurt Auto Show.But what about the Panamera? For this modelyear, the sporty four-door remains virtually untouched. A surprising move amidst all of the changes in this line-up.Even the Macan will feature some differences inits design cues, but the Panamera, still with its unpopular and bulbousrear-end, gets almost nothing. Is this Porsche foreshadowing the ultimatedemise of this model?

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That’s been pretty much ruled out since the automaker announced that it will be bringing the Panamerato the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. What we can expect is that Porsche willattempt to address long-standing discontent with the design of the car. At this point, it’s safe to say that the 2017model year will finally spare us of the Panamera’s questionable taillights andboost its performance stats as well. Expect more details to begin rolling out as we get closer to Geneva.