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Why Is The 2019 Ford Fusion's Price Increasing By Up To $6k?

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Despite its previously announced death notice.

The Ford Fusion will soon be gone, along with the Fiesta, Focus, and Taurus. By around 2020, Ford plans to discontinue these cars in the US in favor of its crossovers and pickup trucks. Given that, wouldn't you think the price tag on say, the Fusion, would drop? Cars Direct has discovered that for model year 2019, Ford will actually increase the Fusion's price by at least $645 and in some cases up to $6,190. Why is that? Because of trim simplification and the re-bundling of options.

Ford simply wants to reduce trim package complexity but, in turn, prices will go up. For example, the base trim Fusion S will begin at $23,735, a $645 increase over the 2018 model. Going up the trim ladder, the mid-range SE is $650 more, beginning at $25,015. While neither are dramatic prices increases, the Fusion Titanium and Sport are a different story. Compared to last year, the Titanium costs $3,870 more, giving it a base price of $35,235, while the Fusion Sport will now begin at $40,910, a whopping $6,190 more than in 2018. Even the Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi plug-in are receiving price increases by $2,185 and $2,215, respectively.

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It's important to point out, however, that the Energi plug-in, with its 25-mile range in EV mode, will now only be offered as part of the Titanium trim package. Given everything, Ford may actually be doing Fusion buyers, especially those wanting the S and/or an SE trims, a favor. You see, the automaker has added the Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety suite as standard, which includes emergency braking, blind spot warning, lane-keep assist, a backup camera, and auto high beams. Paying the extra $600 is well worth it because buyers won't have to shell out even more for expensive safety tech packages. Even the Titanium trim comes with more standard equipment, such as a moonroof, adaptive cruise control and 19-inch wheels.

If you wanted those items on the 2018 model, you'd have to pay about $37,000 (instead of $35,235). The 2019 Fusion Sport works the same way, offering more standard features for less than they were as options last year. Chances are, 2019 will be the last or second to last year of the Fusion's life. There could be some good deals, especially leasing, to be had here.