Why Is The Batmobile Driving So Damn Slow?

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At least it looks awesome doing so.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has completed filming, but the new Batmobile that'll be featured in the blockbuster isn't taking a break. Nor is Batman himself, now played by Ben Affleck, taking an extended vacation. Currently in production is Suicide Squad which, as we've already reported, will feature Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker. A bunch of other villains are involved and Batman/Affleck's role is said to be more of a cameo. Does this also apply for the Batmobile?

Footage of a scene showing the Batmobile chasing The Joker's pink ride has just found its way online. Obviously it was filmed with a phone. The new Batmobile looks pretty sweet but we're not wild about what The Joker is driving. And yes, it's fair to assume the footage below will look much faster on the big screen.


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