Why is the DeLorean DMC-12 So Adored?

The perfect example of style winning out over substance.

Is it because of Back to the Future? Or is it because of the Giugiaro-penned stainless-steel body and the awesome Gullwing doors? Whatever the reasons the DeLorean DMC-12 is loved the world over, it has absolutely nothing to do with its build quality or driving character. Driving a DeLorean is high up on most gearhead’s bucket list, and XCar is no different. As there’s nothing overly positive to say about the car’s toothless 2.8-liter V6, awful automatic transmission, or numb steering feel, the video delves in the car’s origins.

The great John Z. DeLorean’s dream of creating a sporty, efficient sports car may have ended in dramatic failure, but the DMC-12 will live on as a timeless icon.

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