Why Is The New Corvette ZR1 Testing With A Hellcat And A Jaguar?

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That's one hell of a convoy to spot at a gas station.

Over the past few months, evidence has been mounting that Chevrolet is working on a new Corvette ZR1. First there was the "ZR1" trademark filing. Then our aerial spy photographers caught a camouflaged Corvette that looked just a bit different from the current top-tier model, the Z06. Now there's this, a video shot by YouTuber David Wesel of a group of camo'd Corvettes out for a test drive in Marietta, Ohio. The 'Vettes are part of a convoy that also includes a Jaguar F-Type SVR and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Unfortunately there's not much in the way of action here and the video is quite short. Still, you do get to see two Corvettes sporting camo, one of which has a gigantic rear wing.

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The Corvette with the red roof looks to be the same one that our spy photographers shot a few months back. Now the car in those photos didn't have a huge rear wing on it. In fact, it didn't have a wing at all. But it did have two little decklid pegs, which at the time we speculated could be used to hold a wing. It's all coming together, eh? As for the inclusion of the Hellcat and the F-Type SVR in the testing, well we're thinking that Chevy is doing a bit of benchmarking here. Both cars have supercharged V8 engines, a setup which the new ZR1 could use. That being said our spies are putting their money on a twin-turbo V8 being under the hood. Could Chevy be seeing how its new engine stacks up against the units inside the Hellcat and F-Type SVR?

That's a pretty wild theory and one we aren't yet ready to cosign. For now what we do feel comfortable saying is that the ZR1 indeed looks to be back in all its glory. Expect more info to leak over the coming months with a debut likely scheduled for the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

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