Why Is This 911 Turbo Worth Almost $1 Million?

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This particular car is one of the rarest 911s ever made!

Built in 1994, this Porsche 964 911 Turbo is one of the rare Flatnose cars and comes with just 630 miles on the clock. Porsche first offered the Flatnose 911 as part of the X84 body package towards the end of the 964's production. This package included different front wings and popup headlights from a 968 as well as additional air vents on the rear fender inspired by the 959. In addition to the X84 package, this 911 Turbo has the X88 package which bumped the 3.6-liter flat-six up from 360 hp to 385 through a bigger turbocharger and other upgrades.

The price for this astonishing car is a whopping £625,000 or around $900,000. Is it worth it? Well, this Flatnose is one of only 76 ever built, just 12 of which were RHD like this one. What you are buying is a rare, practically new, air cooled, turbocharged 911. You bet its worth it! The car is currently for sale by Hexagon Classics in the UK, if you are somehow rich enough to afford it.

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Source Credits: hexagonclassics.com

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