Why Is This Guy Asking $10 Million For A 1989 Chevy Caprice?


Either the car is insane, or the owner is. You decide.

The Chevrolet Caprice was never really anything special, it was simply an Impala replacement in 1986. It was a Chevy and it could take you from A to B without it raining on you, so that was cool. The Chevy Caprice was also a popular choice for the cops, a common trait with Chevy over the years. The performance was good enough to get to a crime scene in a hurry thanks to a 5.7-liter small block V8, it was reliable enough to take a beating and still keep on ticking and it had space for an arsenal in the boot.

This one is all that and more, only having 400 miles on the odo but still being a full one of one, called a Caprice COPO SEO. The owner spent 36,000 hours and 22 years (TWENTY TWO) years on the special project. It features a Z28 engine with a Ram Air cleaner housing, aircon, OEM engine oil and transmission oil coolers, power steering, F41 suspension and a 342 Positraction rear end. For the law fans there's armored seats to go with the "ultra deluxe" interior that has official logos and special embroidery splashed around. So as you can see, this is one very special car with a rich history of, well history. It quite possibly also has a Guinness record for the longest build too.

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Down to the nuts and bolts of the car (not the clean full white car, it's the older looking one) and how much you must spend for it to be the latest addition to your fleet. A mere $10,000,000. That's no typo, that's ten million, the most expensive car listed on eBay. Hard to resist when you can have a LaFerrari for $4,400,000. Here's a walkaround video...