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Why is This Hennessey Chevy SS So Cheap?

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For an extra $10k over a stock SS, you get an additional 185 horsepower.

Whenever Hennessey Performance gets its hands on a car, the value goes up. That's what happens when more horsepower and performance is added. The price premium is usually tens of thousands of dollars more than a stock version. So we were shocked when we came across this Hennessey Chevrolet SS HPE600 on eBay. Obviously it looks awesome, but the surprise here is the asking price.

You can buy it now for a $54,950 – that's just around $10k more than a stock Chevy SS. And what do you get for that extra bit of cash? A supercharger that allows for the 6.2-liter V8 to spit out 600 horsepower. For the record, that's an additional 185-hp over the standard SS. This black on black SS also comes with a Hennessey air intake, pulley and engine management system. Everything has been professionally installed by Hennessey themselves. All told, it's got just 4,500 miles on the odometer. And yes, Hennessey Performance posted the ad.

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