Why is this Maniac Throwing Rocks at an Aventador?

He must be having a really bad day.

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the seminal cars of our generation; a rolling work of art with a powertrain that screams out 700 horsepower of naturally-aspirated V12 joy. Whenever we see this magical Bull cruising around town or thundering down the highway, we doff our caps to it, smile and wave. It’s a car that reaffirms our love for the automobile. This video shows not everyone shares our passion. In fact it shows quite the opposite: a guy, admittedly pretty pissed off, throwing rocks at an innocent blacked-out Aventador.

Our best guess is that the supercar driver is using the attacker’s road as a drag strip. Whilst that’s inexcusable, so is hearing the sound of the rock crunching that beautifully crafted Italian sheetmetal. Get ready to cringe.

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