Why Is This Nissan GT-R Being Such A Douche To This Mercedes?

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Will you just stop crashing into me!

Watch this video the first time, and you're initial reaction will be: "What the hell is the GT-R driver's problem?" The Nissan is following a Mercedes C-Class along a Hong Kong highway, and both are going pretty quick and clearly way to close to each other. The result is that the GT-R bumps into the back of the C-Class not once, but twice in quick succession. Watch the video again, and you'll notice the cars are probably racing each other and get caught out by the lights turning red.

The GT-R doesn't react to the Benz suddenly slowing down, and the result is fender bender number one. The second knock is presumably a result of the Benz stopping suddenly again to assess the damage and the GT-R again not reacting quick enough.

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